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Review of “How to Hire & Manage Market Research Agencies” by Kathryn Korostoff

Review of “How to Hire & Manage Market Research Agencies” by Kathryn Korostoff

One of my first twitter contacts was Kathryn from Research Rockstar. And when she asked the twittersphere who is willing to read her book I was very keen on reading it, the title still sounds really good to me.
After two weeks I finished reading and I have to say that I really like ist (especially the consultant-related parts of it). So I decided to write a short review (which I also published at amazon).

Here it is…

This book is an excellent piece of work and a powerful resource – for everyone who is somehow concerned with market researcher – agency or client side. Many well-recommended market research books go into detail describing different types of methodology for gathering and analyzing market research data. Unlike this schoolbook-like kind of market research literature Kathryn Korostoff stresses the most important point of every market research project: how to make the results live in the world of the client’s organization.
In this book you will find a well planned journey through a market research project. But Kathryn pauses where there is usually danger to lose control over who is going to use the research results when and how. In detail these “areas of losing control” are: setting appropriate research goals, defining expectations and criteria of project success, checking client’s research receptivity, leveraging existing research, (re)inventing presentation designs.
This book is not only for market research rookies and not only for client side researchers. Moreover senior researchers and research consultants will find a lot of inspiring thoughts. Highly recommended!

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